You can select exactly the place of departure and destination through a simple interface and without mysteries.


All the companies where the price inquiries are made take precedence for security with several checks of their drivers.


We estimate the prices of races with BlaBlaCar, Uber, 99, Lyft and Taxi in thousands of cities around the world. Leave this work with us.


We show you a real time map of the traffic in your area. So you can schedule yourself in advance for your trip.


The app is free. You do not have to pay for the estimates. You will only pay for your trips to the responsible companies.

Short and Long Trips

We estimate travel between neighborhoods, cities and even countries. From São Paulo to Campinas or from Paris to Berlin, it does not matter, we'll help you.

Development Team

Augusto Vespermann

PHP developer since 2001. Now embarking on the mobile world.

Contact us.
To contact us send an email to contato@tiespecialistas.com.br.